Track Specialties are in almost every BTD5 track. It buffs some towers and weakens other towers depending on the track.

The tracks that do not have Track Specialties are: Park Path, Snake River, Bloon Circles, Clock, and Main Street.

Beginner tracksEdit

Monkey LaneEdit

Buffs: Dart Monkey (up to 2/4), Sniper Monkey, Boomerang Thrower, Ninja Monkey, Ice Tower, Glue Gunner, Super Monkey, Dartling Gun, Angry Squirrel (Special Agent) and Beekeeper (Special Agent) have their attack speed increaced by 5%.

Weakens: Dart Monkey( Spike-o-pult and Juggernaut only) Tack Shooter, Bomb Tower, Mortar Tower, and Spike Factory have their attack speeds decreaced by 5%.

The RinkEdit

Buffs: Ice tower has 2 more seconds of freeze time.

Weakens: Ring of Fire and Monkey Apprentice( Fireball, Dragons Breath, and the ability) do 5% less damage. Burny Stuff, White Hot Spikes, and Red Hot 'rangs cost an additional $100.

Intermediate TracksEdit


Buffs: Monkey Buccaneer and its upgrades are 5% cheaper.Tribal Turtle (only if placed on water, Special Agent) and Portable Lake (Special Agent) have 10% more range.

Weakens: Ice tower and its upgrades, and Monkey apprentices (ability and Dargons Breath only) cost 5% more.

Advanced TracksEdit

Mount MagmaEdit

Buffs: Monkey Apprentice and Ring of Fire do 10% more damage. Buurn ability lasts 1.5x as long.

Weakens: Ice tower has 5% freezing time. Its ability only freezes 80% of the bloons on the screen.


Buffs: Mortar towers, Dartling guns (x/3 or 3/x and above), Boomerang Thrower (x/3 and above), and Super Monkey (2/3 and above) can pop 10 more bloons at once. Pro Meerkat spy (special agent) can pop an extra layer of blons.

Weakens: Glue Gunner, Monkey Apprentice, and Ice Tower pop 5 less bloons.

Lightning ScarEdit

Buffs: Monkey Apprentice and Super Monkey (Path 1 only) have 5 moree piercing.

Weakens: Monkey Ace flies 10% slower.

Expert TracksEdit


Buffs: Gliave Lord, Ice tower, Super Monkey (Sun God and Temple), and Monkey Apprentice have 20 more popping power.

Weakens: Dart Monkey (Splodey Darts), Tack Shooter, Sniper Monkey, Bionic Boomer, Ninja Monkey (Sabotage Supply Lines and Big Bloon Sabotage), Bomb Tower, Monkey Ace, Monkey Buccaneer ( 3/x and above), Super Monkey, Mortar Tower, Monkey Village (MIB and its ability), Dartling Gun, and Spike Factory and all of their upgrades cost 20% more.

Extreme TracksEdit

Bloontonium LabEdit

Buffs: Depleted Bloontonium Darts, The Big One, and Ground Zero are 10% cheaper. Orbital Strike Ability's cooldown is 5 seconds faster.

Weakens: Dart Monkey, Road Spikes, Spike Factories, and Tack Shooters are 5% more expensive.