Please read these rules before getting started. Break the rules, and we will give you a warning. Break the rules after a warning, we will block you for a week. Every time you do it, we will make your block longer by a week every time. Do it 5 times, we will ban you for ever.

  1. No spamming/vandalizing and no adding pictures to other people's articles without permission.
  2. No making fun or teasing other users.
  3. No insulting pages as users try their best when making pages.
  4. Once a page is deleteed, do not create it again.
  5. No swearing.
  6. No cheating with badges to get acheivment points (you shouldn't cheat because we can see if you've cheated or not).
  7. We encourage for guests to make accounts.
  8. Please do not post any pages out of this topic (the topic here is Bloons TD).

Please do not ignore these. Halowarrior47 01:43, June 14, 2012 (UTC)