Templar Knight
The Templar Knight.
Appears In Bloons TD5, Bloons TD EXTREME
Money/Cost $1250
Effect Pops bloons and deflects them.
The Templar knight is a tower that appears in BTD5 and Bloons TD EXTREME . It uses its sword to pop bloons and its shield to deflect them.

Unupgraded statsEdit

Range: 140 pixels

Attack Speed: 1 sword and shield hit per 1.5 seconds

Popping power: 8

Layers: 1

Deflects: up to 13 bloons

Cost: $1250

Description: With his sword and shield, engages the bloons in combat by popping and deflecting them.

Path 1Edit

Sharp Sword: $300Edit

An elite sword allows the knight to do even bigger damage in combat.


Popping power: 12

Inflamed Sword: $400Edit

What's better than a sword? A sword that can pop lead!


Can pop Lead Bloons.

Sword now looks like it is on fire.

Double Swords: $1850Edit

Replaces your shield with another sword for double the power.


Popping power: 24

Deflects: 0 bloons

Layers: 2

Bezerk Warhammer: $4200Edit

The ultimate fighting expiriance.


Replaces your swords with a double-sided hammer.

Popping power: 45 bloons

Layers: 3

Path 2Edit

Combo Pack: $500Edit

This pack includes range, attack, and other useful things.


Speed: 1sword and shield hit per 1 second.

Range: 180 pixels

Popping power: +5

Deflects: up to 20 bloons

Spikey Sword: $850Edit

Swords and shields now have spikes on them for extra pain.


Attaches 5 spikes on your sword(s) and shield. Spikes pierce 2 bloons each.

Elemental Shield: $1425Edit

Harness the power of nature to push the bloons.


Shield can burn up to 10 bloons before deflecting them away. It can blow up to 20 bloons back to the start.

Divine Protection: $3350Edit

No bloon shall get past you now...

Divine Protection ability: a huge shield enters from the left of the track to the right. It can deflect all non MOAB-class bloons to the start.

Cooldown: 25 seconds