Super Monkey (Upgraded Version) is the same as a Super Monkey but with even better upgrades.


1:Ultra Range: Range of the monkey covers nearly the whole screen.

2:Plasma Vision: Shoot plasma balls much faster than darts.

3:Sun God: Shoots 3 sun rays even quicker than plasma. each ray can pop 5 layers and can home on bloons.

4:Death Ray Vision: Shoots a REALLY BIG beam that does huge damage to all bloons (including MOAB, BFB and ZOMG). Ceramic layer gets popped instantly.


1:Speedy Shots: Shots become a lot faster.

2:Speedier Shots: Shots go faster and can pierce 2 more bloons.

3:Ambidexterity: Shoots projectiles with both hands.

3:Robotic Arms: Shoots projectiles 5 times faster and gets 2 extra arms to shoot with and gets speed boost ability. SPEED BOOST ABILITY: Slows down other towers by 5% to raise the Super Monkey's speed by 5% for 10 seconds.