Sun Shooter
The Sun Shooter.
Appears In Bloons TD EXTREME.
Upgrade? Yes.
Money/Cost $1500
Effect Shoots sunrays like the Tack Shooter.
Sun Shooter is like a Tack Shooter, but it shoots balls of sun, which are about the size of a Pink Bloon. This is a lot more powerful than those normal Tack Shooters. Each projectile can pop up to 10 bloons. Costs: $3000


Path #1Edit

Seeking Sun BallsEdit

  • Each Sun Ray homes onto bloons.$200,$400,$600

Explosive ProjectilesEdit

  • Projectiles explode at the end of their range.$400,$650,$800

Sun SprayerEdit

  • Shoots 16 sun balls at a time.$1000,$1500,$2000

Sun BeamsEdit

  • Instead of shooting balls of sun, it now shoots 16 beams of sun that pops 3 layers of bloon every frame.$9000,$10000,$12000

Path 2Edit

Faster BlastingEdit

  • Shoots a lot faster than normal.$100,$150,$200

Burning Sun BallsEdit

  • Each sun ball sets bloons on fire, popping 2 bloons every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.$400,$500,$600

Mini-Sun ShooterEdit

  • Shoots mini suns that have sun tentacles, and when the sun gets shot, its tentacles can pop bloons.$2000,$2500,$3000

Sunify AbilityEdit

  • SUNIFY ABILITY: Each tower now will shoot projectiles that are made or encased in sun. They have ∞ pierce, do more damage, and can burn bloons. This lasts for 10 seconds.$4000,$4500,$5000