Monkey MOAB is a tower in BTD2 Extreme.This tower throws MOABs at bloons.The MOABs can remove 10 layers of bloons at once.The reason is that because it is a MOAB that kills bloons.The name would be funny,but the monkey and the MOAB both are serius.

Cost: 1250

Path 1Edit

Longer MOABs

MOABs can go further than normal.

Cost: 950

Faster Throwing

Throws MOABs faster

Cost: 1275


Throws BFBs instead of MOABs that can kill 21 layers of bloons at once.

Cost: 3150


Throws ZOMGs that can kill 31 layers of bloons at once!

Cost: 9470

Path 2Edit

More Layers

Every blimp smashes 4 more layers than usual.

Cost: 850

Even More Layers

Smashes 3 more layers than before.

Cost: 1240

Machine Gun MOAB

MOABs are with machine guns now,shooting out missles from the Machine Guns.

Cost: 2570

MOAB Mauler Machine

MOAB Mauler Machine Ability: Shoots MOAB Maulers from the Machine Guns.They also shoot special green missles that can destroy a BFB at once.Lasts 25 seconds.

Cost: 12,450

Recharge Time: 85 seconds

Path 3 coming soon!