Looks the same, but completely different upgrades!

The Monkey Buccaneer (Upgraded Version) is the original Monkey Buccaneer except with more powerful upgrades! Here are the upgrades:


1: Rapid Fire: The Monkey Buccaneer shoots 10 darts per second.

2: Double Trouble: The Monkey Buccaneer shoots two steams of darts.

3: Triple Threat: The Monkey Buccaneer shoots three streams of darts. Those darts can pop lead, frozen and are not affected by Water Bloons and Mirror Bloons.

4: Laser Destruction: The Monkey Buccaneer shoots huge lasers in one stream that can pierce 50 bloons and they home in on bloons.


1: Bomb Cannon: The Monkey Buccaneer shoots bombs with the explosion size of The Big One.

2: Sharpnel Bombs: The bombs that the Monkey Buccaneer shoots throw out debris, popping black bloons and zebra bloons, and are extra deadly to MOAB class bloons. Each debris fragment can pierce 10 bloons.

3: Cluster Bombs: Increases speed of the Monkey Buccaneer's attack and turns the bombs to Cluster Bombs.

4: Bomb Maelstrom: BOMB MAELSTROM ABILITY: Shoots 100 bombs out in random directions.