The Bomb tower (Upgraded Version) is similar to the Bomb Tower except it is more powerful.

Note: Ex stands for Extreme.

This only apprears in Bloons TD EXTREME .

Path 1Edit


Once every 3 shots, the bomb tower will fire a torpedo that will strip of 2 layers off of up to 35 bloons.

(This upgrade can stack with Missiles and MOAB Maulers.)

8 BombEdit

All bombs will now realease 8 minibombs (2 on each direction) after exploding.

Turrets Edit

Bomb Tower now has 2 cannons next to it, each firing 2 minibombs per second.

Sentry GunEdit

Converts the Bomb Tower into a sentry gun, which allows it to fire bombs at 2x speed.

(This upgrade can also fire Maulers and Missiles at 2x speed.

Path 2Edit

Double BombsEdit

Bomb Tower will now fire 2 bombs at a time.

Missile LauncherEdit

Fires missiles instead of bombs. They can home onto bloons.

ExMOAB MaulerEdit

Specially made missiles can do 15x damage to MOABs.

ExMOAB AssassinEdit

ExMOAB Assassin ability: Guides a missile towards the strongest bloon on the screen (MOAB or non MOAB, can even hit camo and regen) and instantly destroys it and all of its children. Does 2500 damage to ZOMGs and one of the 4 BFBs and its children.