The Bomb Shooter is a upgrade of the Tack Shooter. You can buy it after you have purchased the Blade Shooter upgrade and all of the upgrades after that.. It shoots bombs like a cannon but in 8 directions, and after you purchase the Bomb Shooter , you can buy, "Bigger Bombs" and then the explosions of the bombs will be bigger. It is bigger better and stronger. There are more upgrades and if you want to see them, look below.


  • The Bomb Shooter 's bomb are exactly like a Cannon/Bomb Tower's bombs.
  • After purchased, you can buy Bigger Bombs and other upgrades.
  • The Bomb Shooter is an upgrade.
  • The Bomb Shooter 's explosions will do 5 damage (if upgraded) to anything inside it's explosion.
  • The Bomb Shooter only appears in Bloons TD 5 and beyond.


Bigger BombsEdit

Makes the bombs of the Bomb Shooter bigger with a bigger explosion. $225

Missile ShooterEdit

Makes the bombs become missiles and the design now with a missile instead of bomb and with white. $215

Granade LauncherEdit

This upgrade is very useful. After purchased, your Missile Shooter will now look black, with a granade in the center. It is a very incredible tower now because it shoots 2 in 8 directions granades every second but the recharge is 1 second. $1000

Faster RechargeEdit

This upgrade will make the Grenade recharge faster (half a second). $500

Longer RangeEdit

Makes the range of the Grenades Longer. $340