Parent of 6 B.F.B.s.
Child of Z.O.M.G.
Health 4 Layers. 6000 HP
Appears In Advanced, Expert, and Extreme tracks, Bloons TD EXTREME.
Special Is MOAB class.
The[B.B.F.U. is spawned whenever a Z.O.M.G is defeated. It is a more powerful version of the Z.O.M.G, with 4 stages and 1500 HP per stage, is as fast as a B.F.B, and it can attack and stun towers. 6 BFBs are spawned when defeated.


  • B.B.F.Us only spawn from Z.O.M.Gs, so it is impossible for them to spawn by themselves at the starting point, unless the player is playing in Bloons TD EXTREME.
  • This blimp takes extra damage from Sun Gods and Temple of the Monkey Gods.
  • This blimp only appears in advanced, expert, and extreme tracks.

Special AbilitiesEdit


The B.B.F.U.

Laser VisionEdit

Every 5 seconds, the B.B.F.U fires a laser (as seen in the picture) from the tip, that lasts for 1 second similar to a Ray of Doom. any tower that absorbs the laser for 7 seconds will be instantly destroyed. The time will not accumulate and if the tower does gets hit for less than 7 seconds, the time will go back to 0.

Healing AuraEdit

the B.B.F.U. has the ability to heal any bloons within a (0/0) Super Monkey's range. It will heal 2 layers per second. It can heal itself or Z.O.M.Gs.


the B.B.F.U will go 1.5x faster for 5 seconds. The B.B.F.U will only do this ability when it has entered stage 3, until it is defeated.


  • Sun attacks
  • The Temple of the Monkey God
  • Lasers
  • Plasma
  • Fire
  • Bombs
  • Anything made from Bloontonium